Automatically submit a not answered drag & drop without showing the Invalid Answer popup

Hi heroes,

Using SL360, I have a Drag & Drop question. It is automatically submitted when the timeline ends.

If the learner does not move any draggable object, the "Invalid Answer" popup appears when the timeline ends.

I would like to avoid the popup, submit an incorrect answer and jump to next slide.

For all other question types, a trigger chooses an incorrect answer if the question has not been answered before it is submitted. However, I cannot find a solution for freeform drag & drop questions.

Is there any trigger that could fake dropping an object on a target zone ?

Without success, I have tried to trigger :

  • a change state of the draggable object to "Drop Incorrect"
  • the move of the draggable object on a target zone

Would you have a workaround to offer ?


Thanks a lot !

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Crystal Horn

Hi Philippe!  I defer to your peers, but have you thought of using an off-stage Pick One option?  Check out this idea here; it uses a Pick One question to evaluate multiple text entry, but the same principles can be used.  Trigger the selected state for the "right" pick one answer when your drag and drops are correct.  Otherwise, trigger the selected state for the "wrong" pick one answer.

Hope that helps get the wheels turning.