Automatically update 'jump to file' links

We receive Storyline projects from external sources and need to republish them after changes have been made. 

The major issue we face is the updating of 'jump to file' links. Storyline looks for the original files and as they are no longer located in the same location, when the file is published, the links no longer work.

Is there an easy way to relink them rather than manually going through each slide and updating the link. This is ok if there is only a few links but when there are 200 plus links this can be tedious and very time consuming.

I use the relink feature in InDesign, Illustrator etc. and was wondering if there was a similar feature.

Really need a solution that works well as collaboration is a key issue here.

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Jen Gayapersad

We did some testing and found that if the same drive set up, with the same folders is used at both ends then the publishing works without having to relink the 'links'. This means working differently as you need to have your folder structure set up before beginning the project but saves huge amounts of time later.