Automatice layer advancement based on visited state

Hi there,

I am new to the storyline and I am creating a slide with multiple layers.

on the based layer I have 2 shapes with "Normal" and "Visited" states. when the user clicks the shape, it showed a layer and there is a close button to get back to the base layer.

when the user clicked all the 2 shapes and reads the related layer. I wand another layer automatically be shown (or automatically goes to next slide)

the problem is "change of state" of the 2 shapes doesn't activate the layer

or if I use the new slide, it jumps to the next slide, as soon as the user clicks on the 2nd shape, so user doesn't have time to read that layer.

I do not want to your next button of the player, and don't want to create a button to do so.

Please guide me how I can do it.



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rehan arshad

Hi sanaz, it is advancing automatically as you are saying, please wait for a while after you click both buttons, it is due to the fact that the timeline of the Layer ends, you can reduce the size of the slide layers, if it immediately moves to the next slide/layer (after clicking on both bittons) it might not show  you the other layer. Check again

I guess you get what I am saying :)

Sanaz Parsaei

Hi Christophe,

Actually I used your solution and it worked too. Thanks a lot.

So now, what if I have a hot spot instead of close button on each layer?  How can I set the hotspots as my conditions? Since I have just the options on Variables, and Shapes, so it doesn't list the hot spots.

Is that possible?



Cheng Li

Hi Sanaz,

Here is a solution. Basically how it works is I have two variables (a and b True/False) determining if clicking the "close" button should jump to the third layer. If variable a and b are both true, then clicking the close button will jump to the third layer. If either of a or b is false, then go back to the base layer.

See attached file.