Automation to convert the courses from Flash to Storyline 360

Nov 09, 2018

I have around 1000 of courses to convert from Flash to Storyline 360. Which also has the AS2/As3 scripting used and the various types of files published from Captivate and Camtasia.

I would like to know if there is any automation process I can follow to convert the courses to Storyline 360.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Suhas.  It sounds like you have older Storyline 2 and some Storyline 3 projects that you'd like to upgrade to Storyline 360.  Around 1000 courses is definitely a lot.

There isn't an automated feature to upgrade courses in bulk.  To upgrade, open your file in Storyline 360, and it will save in the new version along with a backup in the old format.  Since Flash is an issue for you, it sounds like you're interested in republishing those files without Flash output.  You'll need to make that designation in the publishing window as well.

Captivate files won't import into Storyline.  If you are using video output from Camtasia in your Storyline projects, that media will be handled without a problem.

Suhas Mahadik

Hi Pete & Crystal,

Thanks for the replay.

If we insert the SWF file it will not work in the HTML5 format, also, how can we able communicate the test score to LMS? Or we have to develop the quiz separately?

The old files are developed in Flash and not in any Storyline versions. Also the source files of some of the modules are not available.

Crystal Horn

Ah, thanks for clarifying, Suhas.  Let me address each of these points:

  • You're right that SWF files will not work in the HTML5 output.  To prepare for the end of Flash Player support, you will want to explore converting those media files to another format, like .mp4.
  • With Storyline, you can include both your content and quiz slides in a single module.  When you publish for LMS, Storyline will send the quiz information to your LMS, including success and completion.

Because the older files aren't in a format that can be imported into Storyline directly, you'll have to manually create slides in new Storyline projects so that you can publish new HTML5 output.