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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jeffrey. That's correct, if you select "Allow downloading for offline viewing" on the Publish window, the setting isn't used if you publish to Articulate Online, since learners must be online in order for the course to transmit tracking data to your account. It's possible that a future version of the Articulate Mobile Player might support offline viewing for AO, and if so, at that time this setting will be honored for courses you previously published. But for now, learners need to be online in order to view the courses you've published to AO.

Jeffrey Foster

Thanks for the quick response.  Would it be possible to add functionality to Articulate-Online so that we could toggle whether or not we need to track it or have it available off-line?  My issue is this:  I am developing courses for the iPad via SL.  I am using Articulate-Online as a way to test the content on the iPad.  But I do need the ability to load these courses so they can be viewed offline since WiFi not always available. Also, our company WiFi blocks videos so one way around that was to select off-line and the videos would work.   And when we indeed launch these courses for our clients, they will need to have that capability.  Thanks!

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Jeffrey - the toggle idea would make a great feature request. I'd encourage you to submit it as to the dev team for consideration, as it would be a helpful option to have, especially for folks in your situation who use AO as a means of hosting but not necessarily as a means of tracking. In the meantime, if you do need offline viewing, you'd need to host your courses on a web server instead, in order to allow reviewers or learners to download content to their Articulate Mobile Player for viewing when they're not online.