Available Offline slider not showing up

I've got a Storyline course that launches in iPAD player but the Available Offline slider doesn't show.  I've checked the option in the Publish window.  The course works when I connect to the internet and sends test results back to the LMS - I'm using RISC VTA LMS which is TinCan API compatible.



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Debbie Richards

The "Available Offline" slider does not appear in the Articulate iPAD player for my course (see attached). I have the course hosted in an LMS - RISC VTA (http://www.risc-inc.com/). I am working with the LMS developers on testing the TINCAN API with their LMS. We can get the course to send test results from the iPAD player back to the LRS/LMS - it's just the offline viewer part that is not working

Debbie Richards

Yes - that's correct.  That part is working. 

What is NOT working is the published TinCan API version that is coming from the LMS.  This one is not showing the slider when you launch it in the Articulate player.  If you want to test it, I can give you access to the LMS BUT I prefer not to do it through the public forum.

Keith Hamilton

I am having the same problem with the "Available Offline" option not being available / visible for my course through the Articulate Mobile Player app. I published the course with Storyline to our Articulate Online account with the option checked to allow downloading for offline viewing. 

I have another course that is very similar, and the option works just fine.

If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Keith Hamilton

My other course is hosted on Articulate Online as well. But I just removed it from my app and launched the course again and it is no longer available. This must be a recent switch. That is too bad; offline iPAD viewing + Articulate Online was the reason why my company decided to use Storyline. Is there any chance of the option coming back?

Adrian Dean

Hi Keith,

There are changes coming to Articulate Online, but I don't have a timeline on when offline viewing will become available. I'll look into it and as soon as I know something I'll post it here.

In the meantime, if you wouldn't mind submitting a feature request for this, I would appreciate it.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rosy,

Sorry for the confusion. As Adrian mentioned above, we don't have a timeline on when offline viewing for Articulate Online will become available.

Storyline gives you the option to allow users of the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad to download content for offline viewing. However, Articulate Online requires an Internet connection to view and track content. As a result, we've currently disabled the ability for courses hosted in Articulate Online to be viewed offline in the iPad app.

I'd encourage you to submit a feature request with us, if this is something you'd like to see in the future.

Thanks again Rosy!

Erez Goren


This may be a 3 year old discussion but I'm afraid it's still relevant. I have tried exporting in several formats to several hosts (most recently TCAPI+SCORM1.2  to both Talent LMS and Articulate online. In neither host did I get offline accessibility and I have spent literally hours online trying to figure out why this isn't happening. Unfortunately most discussions around the subject are very old, and my personal support experience is mainly redirecting me to Help pages on this site that contain very little information (be it simple and direct, still missing additional important details most of the time), and also are mostly very old so their content may no longer be relevant.

In no situation have I actually seen the 'download for offline viewing' button available, other than the example given by Articulate on this site.


Any help would be appreciated.