avatar help!


I have tried to create characters that a user can choose from. But seem to be having trouble .

I have looked at this link https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/how-to-select-an-avatar-as-a-main-character-for-your-course but still require help.

I have created a hover trigger that changes the state of my character to move slightly when the mouse hovers over. But there seems to be no way for me to click the character after this. 

Can you please help?

 *** this is a practice storyline - which is why text and things are a bit all over the place.

Thank you.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amy

the boy pirate only has states: Normal and Hover - needs a selected state

the girl pirate has all 3 states - but the selected state might need to be adjusted as its show as above in the screenshot...unless that's what it's supposed to do.  And should I go into the next slide when I select the avatar or do I select and then click the NEXT button?



Amy Price

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for replying, I am just testing it on the girl pirate which is why she has three states and the boy doesn't at this stage. But basically what should happen, is if the girl pirate is selected and you click next to the tropical scene - the girl pirate should appear.

I have created triggers and variables - on the tropical slide - but the don't seem to be working.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Amy

here you go - its in the triggers on the island slide - because the state of the pirate girl changes to be the boy you have to do a 'when pirategirl' variable is 'not equal' to True to make the boy appear.  Check the file you'll see what I mean