AVG and Avast report JS:Miner-AP PUP Virus in Storyline-generated .js files

We've used Storyline 2 to publish hundreds of courses for years. Hundreds of thousands of launches. Today a customer end-user launched an SL2-published course and their install of Avast reported JS:Miner-AP [PUP] virus alert for /story_contet/frame.js and /mobile/slides/60D0Dyvbg1X.js.js for a particular course. (I speculate 60D0Dyvbg1X.js is a probably a screen-specific js file and it probably has the same exact code virus-flagging code that frame.js has but what do I know or does it even matter.)

I grabbed each of these specific files from the server and put them on my hard drive and scanned them with Avast. (Yes, I have Avast and the customer end-user has AVG.) Avast also flagged these files as having issue: JS:Miner-AP [PUP].

This particlar course has a one javascript trigger on a master slide which surely can't be triggering this virus alert. It is as follows:

var lmsAPI = parent;

So all the rest of the js is generated by Storyline 2.

The files are attached.

It was published SCORM 2004 3rd Edition.

I need advice on how to convince my customer that these files are not, do not have, a virus. Please advise.



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Matthew Bibby
David Kelling

Thanks. No, this has nothing to do with the server, I scanned the files that Storyline created when it published the SCORM package.  Anxious to hear from Articulate.  Thanks Matthew.

Interesting. I look forward to hearing the outcome of this as well David. Good luck getting to the bottom of it.