Avoid long loading and saving times with included audio and video files

Nov 27, 2017

Is there a way to avoid the long loading and saving time Storyline takes when you're working with audio or video files? I am working on a project that includes a scene with record screens and instructions only and it even causes Storyline to crush down when I wanna edit all these animations. Maybe you guys can include it in the next software update that Storyline downloads and saves inserted media files once and for all right when inserted, so it does not need to load it so long each and every time you wanna preview or edit the interaction. Can this be lessened by having a faster processor?

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Ali Goulet

Hey Mona!

Loading time can definitely be influenced by processor speed, however the fact that Storyline is crashing when you're editing concerns me. That's definitely not expected behavior and I'm happy to help iron that out.

Just to verify a few details here, I have some questions to start:

  1. Is this happening with any .story file you're working on in Storyline? Or is there one file in particular causing trouble?
  2. Where are your files saved? Are they right on your C:Drive/Desktop, or saved to a network/shared drive?
  3. What version of Storyline are you running? And are you running the latest update for your version?

Let me know and we'll go from there! 

Mona Idemudia


It is not happening with every file but with a selection of files. I usually include a lot of audio and sounds in my courses because it makes them more lively. There is at least one audio file in every slide I make. My story files are saved in the default “my articulate projects” folder storyline created and are located on my PC. I use Storyline 2 and I am not using the latest update since this is a bit of an issue in my company. I would need to check with the IT department to do updates.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mona,

Thanks for the additional information. If it's not happening with all your courses, you may want to import your slides into a new file to see if this alleviates the issue.

We do, of course, recommend using the latest update. Are you saying that the latest update caused an issue for you or getting the latest update is the issue?

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