avoid recompressing video?

Aug 07, 2017

Is there a way to NOT compress my video when I publish? I have already optimized the videos. So publishing takes longer than it needs to, And all my videos look like garbage because they've been compressed twice. 

I found a workaround, but it Sucks. I can take my videos and give them the exact same name when I publish. Granted, that only works when publishing for CD, which is how I'm previewing it now. I'll end up just delivering a storyline file, so not sure if that will work. 

But it also saves the file with random video files, in no particular order. So it's difficult to match the files up with their counterpart. 

So anyone know of a way to avoid this? Is there just a setting I'm not finding? I don't want storyline to recompress Anything. Don't touch my media. I'm picky. 

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Andy Engelkemier

I did ask, and I got no response.
I figured that would get a faster response….and it seems I was correct.

Andy Engelkemier
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Ian Coltman

This really has been an unreliable function in terms of whether the drop down is available regardless of the video file format.

Your team could easily solve this problem and endear yourself to the user base if you would design the software as follows:

If the video compression (regardless of whether the user actually wants it) is re-encoding the file, why not use the version that is actually smaller? If my encoding is better than yours, why not just skip it, and default to the files that are more desirable because they were encoded the way the I wanted? 

Ideally, I REALLY should be able to skip the encoding by using a reliable drop down list that actually works... but if not, I should AT LEAST be able to wait for Storyline to do redundant encoding and take whichever file is smaller.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

Sorry, this has caused you such a hassle, but our team is happy to check your video file and determine where things aren't syncing up!  Can you share a copy of it by uploading it to the Support Team here? 

Often when we've tested these files, there is still something off in the encoding that hasn't allowed Storyline to recognize that it matches on of the profiles mentioned, but it's often an easy fix. 

Let me know if you're able to share, and I can follow along in your case to share updates here. 

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