Avoid suggestion in Try or Test mode

Nov 09, 2012

Hello friends,

I was making some test with Storyline's Try and Test mode.

When you make a screen recording, Storyline looks the software and this means that it see also its "highlights". This is good when you work in View mode. But, when you want the students to make a Try or Test version of your screencast, it seems to be too much easy, since they already have all the suggestions on screen (see the yellow highlighted buttons in the image below for a PowerPoint example).

So that said,I'm wondering if:
- there's a Storyline function to avoid this highlights

- there's a way to disable this highlights in Office (they appear on rollover and clic, if I'm not wrong)

- in case there's not a SW solution, I think one idea could be to take a little snap of the screen part without being highlighted, import it as an image into storyline, and then let it cover the zone (also, adding a trigger, it can substitute an hotspot). But if you have to do this for 100 or more slides, I imagine that maybe it's no longer a good solution

Any suggestion, ideas?

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Gabriele,

it is possible, yet it 'll take some manipulating.

  1. Goto the slide on which you want to hide the highlights and on the menubar select insert
  2. Select the little down arrow on the record screen and then select Action Fine Tuning
  3. You'll see a similar screen like hereafter
  4. What you now have to do, by using the left and right coloured markers is to cut out the pieces you do not want to appear.

I admit, it takes a bit of hetting used to but in the end you'll succeed


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