Avoiding Loss of Video Quality in Published SL Courses

We have noticed a consistent issue with loss of video quality in published SL courses. We have one course that has several short videos that were recorded on an iPhone and another series of courses that have a number of demos that were recorded in Replay. All of the videos look fine when previewing the course from Storyline, but once published and launched through our LMS the videos look pixelated (iPhone videos) or blurry (screencasts in Replay video). Has anyone else experienced this and is there a known way to avoid the issue? Thanks in advance for any help!

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Tiffiny Quinn

Hi ,

I am having similar issues however its not with published video haven't gotten that far yet. I record a screen capture in Articulate edit it in Movie Maker to cut out lots of unwanted bits. save and import it back in and quality us awful I have reedited and saved it in various resolutions but no joy.

Also when I try to change the compression, the  option it is greyed out for me.

Any ideas gratefully accepted am pretty tired of editing the video over and over  I know I must be missing a trick.