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Not sure this can be done in Storyline 2 but I would appreciate any input.

At the end of this project I am working on I have a summary slide with about 10 links to specific slides in the project. For example one link goes to back to slide 3.

Now what I want is for when that link sends me back to slide 3, I want there to be a button in slide 3 to "back to summary".

Now this "back to summary" button would not be there when you initially go through the project, only when I jump to slide 3 from the summary page.

Any Ideas?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tom

I'd create a T/F variable that is triggered to True  when the timeline starts on the summary slide.

Then  on the slides that are visited by the links from the summary slide and that have the button back to summary, create a trigger

Change state of button 'back to summary' to normal when timeline starts on condition that variable = true