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Jun 12, 2014

Is there a simple fix when using your own custom back and next buttons to have the back button go to the last page, instead of the last page visited? In captivate you have a choice, it seems in storyline the default is last page visited. When my clients go from one page into the menu and then back again, they end up at the last page they visited, instead of the preceding page in order. The only option I have been told so far is to actually put the back button on every single slide in my project. This is a terrible solution and defeats the purpose of having master slides.


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Judy Nollet

In Storyline, the default is that the PREV button goes to the previous slide, whatever that may be. However, you can  force the PREV button to go to a specific slide, e.g., the one before the current slide in a linear progression. Just add a trigger to the slide, specify the action, and assign it to when the user clicks the PREV button.

Judy Nollet

Oh, sorry. I missed the custom part...

Storyline triggers let you jump to the next or previous (last viewed) slide, or to a specifically assigned slide. If there will be a limited set of slides the user can go "back" to, your custom back button could have a spearate trigger for each option, with a condition based on a variable (which, of course, you'd have to set based on other actions the user is taking through the course).

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