Back button issues in HTML5


I think I need some support.

I have developed a storyline file and it seems to be having issues with the back button when published. Sometimes the back button advances a page.

I have tried jump to previous slide as well as jump to (slide number)

It works OK as a flash output but not HTML5.

Tested on chrome and IE with similar issues.

Nav restrictions are set to free.

Would anyone have any ideas?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kevin,

Sorry to hear your previous button is acting wonky! What version of Storyline are you using?

Also, did you host the file on a web server or a learning management system before testing it?

If you're still having trouble, I'd love to take a peek at your file. You can share it with me in a new reply here. 

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Kevin!

My teammate, Alyssa, beat me to it so you're in the right place for help ☺️ Can you help us with one more question?

  • If I understand correctly, clicking on the Back button sometimes works as the Next button function? If I've got it wrong, can you share a little more detail of what you're seeing?

We'll be here!

kevin madigan

Hi Alyssa and Katie,

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I am using storyline version 3.15.15581.0

The back buttons do not work in the storyline preview.

If I publish out as a flash only export it works fine.

If I publish out as HTML5 the back buttons progress one slide (not back)

I have tested it from articulate online, locally and from scormcloud. with the same consistent issue.

I have attached a cut down version of 12 slides for you to take a look at. It might just be a matter of deleting the buttons and starting again. But it would if you could take a look for a sanity check I would appreciate it.

Thanks again, Let me know if you need any more info.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sharing your file here with us!

I saw you had these buttons set up as buttons on a slide master, and then you'd also added the buttons individually to the slide itself? I wasn't sure if there was a design reason for that, but I took a look at removing the buttons on the slide and adding the slide master triggers for the same buttons were set to advance/go back. I then reapplied the master slide (not the individual layouts) to your first 5 slides and previewed it (which showcases the HTML5 output) and that worked normally. I was able to go back using the button on the left and advance using the button on the right.

Can you take a look at that and see how it works for you? I'd share my file back with you, but since I didn't have all your fonts installed the text layout looks pretty different now. 

kevin madigan

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your help.

I reworked my file. Deleted the buttons and placed them on the master. Then re did the triggers. Unfortunately I still seem to have the same issue. I have added a video to show how it is behaving on my computer (with the back buttons going forward). Let me know if you experience the same issue.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sharing the new file and the video. I saw what you're describing, and was able to replicate it, but I noticed the following things:

  • Slides 3 and 4 still had the button on the slide itself.
  • The previous button appears to be a duplicate of the next button that is rotated? Is that correct?

What I tried, was removing your previous button and creating my own. That one worked every time (I'd share the file, but it was not pretty since I don't have your fonts...). That leads me to believe there may be some corruption based on reusing that button and rotating it? Can you test out adding in a new button on the slide master?

Also, since corruption can be tricky to pin down I'd also want to make sure you're following along with the guidelines here to prevent anything else from behaving a bit of out sorts!