Back button still going to previously viewed page even though it is hard coded

Nov 03, 2014

I have placed my back button on every slide in a course and coded it to go to the page before it but when I click on the menu and hit the back button it is taking me to the previously viewed pages, even though I have them coded to go to the one before it in numerical order - (like the built in storyline player buttons). What gives? Is it because I have used hotspots instead of buttons on the button images that are in the master slide?

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Susan Jones

Hi there Rebecca -

I went back into the file and noticed that the developer had put the states of the back button and next button on layers in the master slides - so there was a trigger that automatically added itself to the back button to go to "previous" slide - in storyline language that is last slide visited! Removed that trigger and all is well!


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