Back-saving in SL2?

Is it possible to back-save from SL2 to SL1? 

Only I am very keen to upgrade but work collaboratively with other developers who will not be upgrading and so far in the SL2 trial have found that once an SL1 file has been opened and worked on in SL2 it is no longer possible to save it back into SL1 for others to then work on...?   

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Beansprout,

You are correct.

SL1 files CAN be opened in SL2

When you open an SL1 file in SL2, you'll be prompted about whether you want to upgrade the file. If you reply yes, the original version will be backed up for you, saved in the same location with the words SL1 Backup added to the file name.

SL2 files CANNOT be opened in SL1

Now that your file has been converted, it is "officially" an SL2 file and canNOT be opened in SL1.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beansprout,

It's still available for download here, and our  End User License Agreement (EULA) doesn't permit transferring software to another user in terms of new people joining the team/replacing other colleagues. If there's a special condition that would require a transfer, such as an employee leaving the company, you'd need to request consent and receive permission from Articulate. You may also want to reach out to our sales team directly in terms of if you could still purchase for new employees.