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Lori Paschall

I have a similar issue. 

Hello all.  I have an issue that I need help with. 

I have a course set up that includes several slides with buttons that take the learners to specific layers. I currently have the slide properties (for each of these slides) set to "resume saved state" when revisiting...because, of course, I don't want the learners to have to wait for the slide to reload every time they are taken back to the slide to click on a different button.  Here is my dilemma:  If a learner clicks on all the buttons on one of these slides, and advances to the next slide, then clicks the Previous button to go back, they are only allowed to click on one of the buttons on the slide, and the slide automatically advances again.  Is there something I can do to correct this, so that if a learner goes back to revisit a slide (with buttons and layers) that they have already visited, they are able to re-click on all the buttons and view all slide layers again, before automatically advancing? This is important for a learner that needs to go back and review prior to taking an assessment.

Thank you.