Back to Main Menu button keeps changing the state of the buttons before the learner completes the section

May 05, 2017

I'm sorry this one is a little difficult for me to explain.  So my client wants the learner to go through the course in a specific order the first time around but they would also like the learner to be able to go back to the main menu when they need to look at something again.  I created a disabled state and set the trigger to change the state when the previous button is visited or selected.  However, every time the learner clicks the Back to Main Menu button it shows that the learner had visited that section even though they didn't complete it.  

I tried to set a variable with the section name and complete.  Once they reached the last slide of that section and clicks Continue to Main Menu then the variable changes from False to True.  I set a trigger on the menu page to change the state of the section to selected or visited when Complete variable is equal to true.  But every time I click the other return to main menu buttons it changes the button to its visited state even before going to the conclusion slide.

I've attached the file.  Hopefully you can view it.

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