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Mar 16, 2015

So here's my dilemma. I have content followed by testing that draws from several banks. All test slides reset to initial state. Passing score is 70%. 

On the Results Slide - Failure Layer, I have two option buttons: a CONTINUE button which directs back into the content (if a test out is attempted) and an EXIT button closes the course. Each of these buttons include a Reset Results trigger. 

The CONTINUE button works fine. The EXIT button has been nothing short of maddening. It closes the course fine but here's the problem - when you re-access the course, it goes directly to the Failure Layer of the Results slide. What I need it to do is to go back to an earlier slide where the formal training starts.

What am I missing?

PS - Our retake procedures require a waiting period before another version of a test or quiz can be taken.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Manfred, 

Are you allowing the user to "resume where they left off"? If so, that would be expected behavior as you used a "reset results" trigger and therefore the user has removed all their results/answers.

Maybe instead of using the trigger on that button - you could place that trigger at the start of the course and only have it be executed based on the condition that a variable is equal to true. You could set up a trigger to adjust that variable based on the user clicking the "exit" button. 

Manfred Smith

Nice thought. Learning experience for me which also nice but ended up going nowhere. Sending a subsequent invite for a retest reset my 'true's' back to false. If you 'resume', you end up back at the final results page.  If you choose not to resume, it wipes out the TRUEs that prevent the trainee from 'testing out' or doing a results reset.

I really can't believe this is some complicated. My client had requested a 'resume' feature in the training. It appears that the only way I'm going to be able to proceed is to eliminate that option. In my estimation, this is something your development team should evaluate further. Along the same lines, it would be nice if Online would report all quiz attempts and results.


Manfred Smith


See attached. I did some additional work but it still does pretty much what I
described to Ashley. Really frustrating. This is taking way too much of my time.
Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

The logic is this. First and foremost, the client wants/needs to have the
'resume' feature as trainees likely will be call from training to perform
various other activities.

Second, with the resume option active, the trainee exits the course AFTER a
failure once the content has been viewed. Theory being that they need some time
to study. Currently, after they exist the training, they get a resume prompt,
which if they click 'yes', takes them to the results slide. Not good. If they
select 'no' to resume, it kills all the variables set on the previous attempt.
This would give them access to the Test Out, which they only have one shot at.

Everything else works fine. Results are updated for reporting, which is good.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Manfred,

I took a look at your course, but I'm going to defer to the community here since you're looking for a more involved/custom set up to control the resume and ensure the user is able to restart the course again from the beginning with all their variables saved. Everything looks to be working as designed currently - although you could force the user to always resume which may be a step towards your overall goal. 

Chris Cole

Hi Manfred -

Although the Storyline functionality is working as expected (if the learner exits from the Results slide they will be returned to the Results slide when they resume), I understand that you want to do something different, which is to automatically resume at the start of the test, rather then from the Results slide. Maybe a simple workaround is to have a nicely designed What Do You Want to Do Next slide?

On your Results slide in the Failure layer, instead of an Exit button, you could have a Continue button. The Continue button takes them to the WDYWTDN Slide, which explains that they have the option of Retaking the test or they can Exit and retake it later if they would like.

If they click Retake, they go straight to the start of the Test. If they click Exit, the course closes, and then when they resume they are back at the WDYWTDN Slide, where they can then choose to Retake the test again.

You could also add other options to the WDYWTDN Slide such as Review the Test so they can refresh themselves on how they answered before, or a Start the Lesson over button so they can retake/review the lesson content. Lots of options with the WDYWTDN Slide.

It is only a slight modification from what you have now, but at least they are returning to a nice-looking WDYWTDN Slide with multiple options when they resume, instead of resuming on the Results slide. I would think it would be better to give them options rather than forcing them back to the start of the test - they may well want to review material or the test first.

Hope this helps.


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