Back up my projects before I loose them.

Hi team-

I almost had my computer completely crash last week and didn't have my projects backed up anywhere but on the desk top I use to create the training. Naturally it scared me like crazy but we were able to get it running again and I have been trying to figure out best practices to have the trainings backed up somewhere so if something were to happen again I would go there to get them. 

So, what are best practices for saving trainings and where other then on the desk top I use to create them? Pretty time sensitive question as my computer is giving me issues again. 


Thanks guys,



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David Cosman

Hello Tina,

Move your work to a USB stick or an external hard drive. This is the quickest way to resume your work in another computer if need be. If you don't have any of these available, you can upload them to a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Do keep in mind that loading files from an external drive to computer is much quicker than loading them from cloud storage; this also applies to saving your work, as it has to upload it all back to the cloud storage. Therefore, if you go with the cloud storage option, I suggest you download the file to the computer, work on it from your computer, then save it to your computer and upload it back to the cloud storage.

Ali Goulet

Hi Tina, 

It's never fun having to deal with a computer on the fritz! I would first recommend checking out these articles on Tips for Managing Your Project files and Tips to Reduce Corruption and Loss of Files. As David mentioned, you'll want to make sure you're always working from your local drive. However, saving copies as backups in a different location is always a good practice. Check out the Back Up Your Work section of the second article I linked for some ideas of where to do so and tips for each. Let me know if you have questions!

Walt Hamilton

Don't continually work on the same file. About once a week, copy the .story file, so you have a backup with a different name (fileV1.story, etc.).

I know your computer is going, and you need to follow David's suggestions, but files can get corrupted even on good hard drives, so multiple copies of a file are a necessity.