Backgroud of textboxes getting pink when mouse hovered over

Apr 22, 2013

In some of my slides the background of textboxes becomes undesired pink when the mouse i hovered over.

I do not use states, og layers, there is not extra triggers, so I would like if somebody could help me to fix this problem/can the reason be????

It really looks unprofessional!

Best regards

Per Nørsten

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Harri S

Hi Per,

We had a similar issue a few months ago. We think it happened in our projects because we copied and pasted the text from a word document, we think there was some sort of formatting that wasn't compatible so Storyline just did it's own thing.

In terms of fixing it.....unfortunately we had to re-build the slides from scratch as just deleting and re-entering the text didn't help.

Sorry I can't offer a more pleasing solution.


Per Norsten

Ok - thanks for repying.

Then I think the problem might be borned while translating the course from Danish to English.

I made an export file for translation, did the translation and imported it again. That all happened using word.

The fact, that the problem allmost only occurs on my section 2, which also was the section where I used the translation export/import function, is another indicator - that the problem was coursed from Word.

I will try to find a way to fix the problem. Perhaps I can cut the text out, clip it into Windows notepad (I am not sure it is the right english word) and back again????

BR Per

Ted Nguyen

Hello all.  I am having this issue now with the latest Storyline 360 update.  I have text on my slide that doesn't have any roll over states.  Yet if I move the mouse over the text.  I would get this pink high lighted texts.  It seems SL360 is treating these text as a interactive text with roll over states.  Any help please?  This could be a bug again in SL360.

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