Background Color change after publishing

All,  I have a project that I have been working on for the last week that has been published several times.  After loading it on my LMS and launching, I noticed that the background color has changed from white to gray.  When the project is previewed in Storyline it's fine but once published the slide background color changes.  

Incidently, I have also posted three versions on Tempshare.  When I go back and look at the oldeer versions that are on Tempshare the background is gray and I know that this is not the way that it was when I posted it.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.



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david bell

Phil, thanks for the quick comment.  Perhaps I should be more specific, the field that I'm having a problem with is the slide background, where the slide content is as opposed to the page background or base background. 

In looking at the player color schemes, I'm using dark blue, the field that is labeled "SLIDE" is gray.  Is this a default?  In every other project that I've published I've always used white as my slide background and have never had this problem. 

Amy Clapp

I'm having the same issue as David.  I did not change the slide's background.  In fact, I even made certain to make the slide background WHITE in my Master slide view.  However, when I publish the files, my slide background is GRAY.  I cannot figure out how to reset the value.  Help, please!

Mary Ellen Scott

I think I'm having a similar problem.  I have added some new templates to my project and they come in with different themes which I cannot change.  While I'm working in StoryLine all slides are gray as intended.  However when I preview or publish they turn blue or purple.  I cannot update the "theme" but I can see that it is the root of the problem.  I tried to copy/paste some of what I'm seeing.  How can I a) clean up my slide master to be uniform and b) be get to a what-you-see-is-what-you-get place?

Marton Bencze Szabo

Hi All,

I faced the same issue today, and discovered, that whatever color shceme I choose (except the defult one) it modifies the slide background once published. Not when having a look at preview - only once it is published.

Hope it helps a bit and also that the issue will be enhanced.

Have a nice day!

Mary Ellen Scott


I'm still looking for guidance. Unfortunately none of the replies actually address the problem I'm facing and how to resolve it.

Please see attached screen print. Further, I cannot delete many of these slides in the slide master.

Please advise focusing particularly on how to address the difference between what I see in edit mode and what I see in preview (blue or purple). I cannot change the theme.

Nina DeFranco

Hi there, 

I am also having this issue and have tried numerous options to try and rectify no avail! I originally had a pale blue background but this then changed to dark grey when published. Now that I have removed all background colour (caputre 1 file attached) when I publish and upload to our LMS it still seems to be grey (capture 2 file). 

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary Ellen,

I don't see any additional information from you in this thread since my last reply to you on February 18th. Did you open a case with our Support engineers about this? If so, do you have a case number so that I can check in on your case? I did not find one searching just by your name as it's listed here and was unsure of your email address.

Mary Ellen Scott

I don't have a case number. Some of the replies did not save in my outlook either. Here's a synopsis of the back and forth (well it was mostly one way with me asking for additional help).

2/15 I posted my issue and provided the dropbox. That day I heard from Leslie that there is a mixture of themes and layouts. I emailed her to let her know that yes, I did do that and I see that. I asked, how do I import templates into just one theme? I need several layouts (content, quizzes, etc) but I assume that doesn't make me unique. I went on to ask, Can you still answer why the screens look gray when working in them and change color on preview/publish?

On 2/17 I emailed again saying that I'm looking for guidance. None of the replies actually address the problem I'm facing. I asked for advise focusing particularly on how to address the difference between what I see in edit mode (gray) and what I see in preview (blue or purple).

I never heard back.

I can't change the shifting themes in the templates within the slide master. When I try they just reset immediately back to the mis match.

Can you please assign me a case number? Quite honestly this is my first real issue with StoryLine and I'm beginning to think I made a bad choice leaving Lectura on the service front.

Thank you,
Mary Ellen

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary Ellen,

Thanks for including that information here - so it sounds like you've only been working as a part of this particular forum thread, not submitting a case to our Support engineers using the form here. 

I see your  previous posts above, but also the reference I made in regards to asking for you to share the particular file in question as it was not attached as  a part of your 2/17 response as you mentioned you had uploaded it. I'm going to open up a case on your behalf so that you can work directly with our Engineers and you'll receive an email from so you'll use that email to respond through for your particular issue. 

Hopefully we'll get you back on track with this set up! 

Mary Ellen Scott

That's interesting. I did email it and have heard that it could not be accessed previously. However, I can see the drop box link and the jpg right on the forum thread. Further someone did look and provided some really high level not at all helpful guidance based on what I believe is the dropbox content. I really cannot understand how this process works. If I can see it yet I didn't follow the right protocol then this is all lost on me.

Sorry that I'm a little sore. It's just that we're coming up on a month now with nothing but what certainly feels like a runaround. Sort of like Lectura!

Thanks again,
Mary Ellen

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary Ellen, 

I'm sorry to hear about the struggles and difficulties here, and I do see the dropbox link, but you had mentioned attaching something in another reply, where I didn't see anything - but suspect now you were referring to the previous attachment in another one of your replies. 

The forums are an area where you can reach out for assistance and find support from members of staff (like myself) and community users like Phil above. If you want to work directly with our Support team, you can use the form here to send your files to them, and I've gone ahead and opened up a case with them on your behalf so that there is a clear line of communication between you and a support engineer and so that things don't get misinterpreted as they did in this thread. 

Crystal Horn

Thanks, Nina, for submitting your file.  I discovered that formatting a slide's background to be a Solid fill with around 50% transparency is causing the published output to show a darker slide background than what you see in the project's preview.  

Slide background formatting

This issue is known to our QA department.  I'm including this discussion thread in their record so that we can update you with new information as we receive it.  I don't have a timeline to a fix at this point, but if you are subscribed to this thread, you'll see any updates that we post here.

If you are experiencing this problem, could you please check on your slide's background formatting?  You can access that setting by going to the Design tab > Background Styles > Format background.  

As always, publish your project and upload it to it's intended environment to accurately view the output.  Thanks everyone for all the helpful clues on this one!