Background color changes when published

Jul 17, 2015

I used a master slide with a background color that I made 50% transparent -so that the color was lighter. Everything looks good on the 'preview.' When I published the color of EVERY slide changed to the original color (not the lighter color selected). I might have decided to be ok with this EXCEPT on slides when a zoom region is used the lighter color appears in the background and then stays. You can see exactly where the zoom region was in the image attached. 

I am working locally and publishing locally. 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nichole,

Thanks for the image here as that clearly shows it, but we'll also want to take a look at your .story file or even a portion of it (with that lightbox slide). Additionally, are you using the latest update of Storyline 2, update 5? I know there was at least one fix that dealt specifically with the background color. 

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