Background covers some content when scrolling on iPhone

Jul 04, 2019


Asking on behalf of a work friend.

We have this strange issue with a scorm on iPhone. When scrolling up and down the background color blocks out some content however this is reset when using the swipe right/left on the scorm. 

In the video the background colour is black and when scrolling up and down content and scorm navigation buttons are blocked by this. I have tried to check the slides and there are no invisible elements that are popping up. 

I am not a developer of scorms but I have tried to change the background colours in the html5 file to transparent but nothing has worked. 


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Donald! 

Thank you for sharing that video clip of what you are seeing. Let's see if we can help clear the way!

Just a couple of questions to start: 

  • What browser(s) and iOS is your devices running? Viewing the content in Safari or Chrome in Apple iOS 10 or later should be just fine. 
  • Does the course experience the background color issue on a desktop?
  • Are you experiencing the same behavior in landscape mode?
  • If possible, would it be okay if you shared the zipped export package so we can run some tests? You can attach it here in a new reply or share it privately by clicking here. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!

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