Background fill appearing on text box

Aug 02, 2017

I have created a text box, which when I hover over it, it opens a layer while hovering.  This part works as expected.  At the same time as hovering over the text box, the text box background is filled with the same colour as the text, at about 70% transparency.  The opened layer is not affected.  I have simulated the effect in the attachment.  I have searched for a way to turn off the fill effect but cannot find it anywhere.  Can anyone help please?


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Brian Allen

Hello Doug,

It sounds like a hover state has somehow been added to your text box. If you're not sure how to check and edit the hover state you can check out this tutorial -

If you're able to upload a .story file with the affected slide we could take a look at it for you, if that would be helpful.

Hope this helps,


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