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Oct 04, 2012

I've had a lot of fun building my very first course. I have video, images, software simulation, and a quiz....they look great but they are on a boring solid color background.  I realize that I worked backwards, but I'd like to polish it up and tie it all together.

This training is on how to use our email system (outlook) online. My future courses will all be hardware and software related as well. Any suggestions?

thank you! 

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mashrur nabi

Here is one approach you can take.

Use the color schemes from the software / hardware to create your learning interface.

For example if you are looking at e-mail system (outlook), look at the icons that are available in outlook and use it as part of your course.

Off the top off my head you could use the tick marks, the mail, calendar, task icons, the flags etc. The address book icon to link back to your table of contents.

Hope that was helpful.

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