Background image loading - html5 output


I'm using storyline 2 for a training project; output must be HTML5 for ipad users. I'm experiencing slow background image loading between slides; when user navigates to a new slide, background image load with a delay, showing white background for a second (or less). It's a very annoying effect. I have to use background images for marketing reasons. How can I solve the problem?

Thank you

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Stephen Walker

Hi Ashley,

I've tried to reproduce the problem using large images in a new course but it worked perfectly.

I then found the course where I initially spotted the problem and tried to re-upload it online (just to see if a new version of storyline would fix the problem) but then I noticed some of the javascript files weren't uploading (from Storyline output\mobile\slides). 

Once I re-exported the course under a different name and uploaded it again, it seems to be working fine. 

Unfortunately I can't remember which other courses of mine are having problems but I will report back if I see it again.