Background music or sound effects on different slides

May 06, 2019

Hi all,

If you ever have to include background music or sound effects on slides in Storyline (that plays continuously over slides), here's a solution. It may be used for storytelling but be careful with adding music or additional sounds when they do not support learning.

Should we use background music?


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Russ Sawchuk


We have experimented with background music for presentations and quizzes over the years. However, in field testing we consistently got the feedback that the background music was annoying and interfered with learning. So we now only use theme music on the introductory slide, and very short sounds for slide transitions and correct / incorrect quiz feedback.

Thanks for the research on this topic that confirms what we are doing.


Marie Nelson

I've been looking everywhere for a way to insert background music! We're designing very self-paced modules, and a lot of the feedback we've been getting is just that it's too quiet! We produce a lot of content through other tools with background music and this was a big let down in articulate. I've been able to add it into an existing presentation and upload it to our LMS! Thank you so much!

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