Background slide Layers flash on click when changing slides


Has anyone else run into an issue where their background layers flash as I move from one slide to another?

For example, I have Hover over and Whoops slides. So if I hover over the right button it will show a highlight layer. If I click outside of the right button a Whoops layer will show. However, when I click the right button both of these layers flash p for a millisecond before moving onto the next step. How can I prevent this? I've tried the 'Hide layer if user clicks on' option but still no joy.



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Katie Riggio

Hi, Phorest. Sorry you're running into that!

A few questions to help us investigate:

  • Is this happening during Preview, in the published output, or both?
  • Would you mind sharing a troublesome slide with us? Since this is a public discussion, you can import the slides into a new file. Then, remove any proprietary information and share the .story file in a new reply here. We'll try to replicate the flash and delete it after troubleshooting!

Phorest Academy

Hi Katie, 

Sorry for the slow reply. I've removed any sensitive information and included blue boxes to represent the buttons. If you hover over the button a Highlight layer will appear which is good. If I click outside of the box and error layer will appear too which we want. However, when you click the blue box the error layer flashes. Thanks, Killian

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing your setup with me, Killian!

I previewed the course on the latest version of Storyline 360 as well as the published output where I also see the flickering layer. Yikes!

I'd like to get a second opinion regarding this oddity from our Support team and have opened a case on your behalf with my testing notes attached. Someone will reach out shortly with next steps, and I'll follow along!

Chris O'Donnell

Hey I seem to be getting the same issue, has this been fixed? I may be doing some wrong, I am new to Storyline 360.

For triggers "when timeline end" "on this slide", its works fine! But for triggers after the slide has finished it flashes the background layer e.g. i have boxes appear when the slide finishes, that when you click them it goes to different slides, when i click this the background slide flashes for half a second before going to the correct slide. 

Could I upload my file or get some help please? 


Walt Hamilton

Technically, the base layer is always showing, so it doesn't revert to it. What happens is that when you click after the timeline has ended, the video resets to the beginning. I think it has something to do with the layer fading, but it's late here, and I didn't have a lot of time.

Here's a work-around. If you pause the timeline on the slide at 26 seconds, it jumps without the flashback, but only if you wait until the timeline ends before you click.  But then these two triggers don't work:


Put these two triggers on the layer, and shorten the timeline on the layer to less than 13 seconds, and it works both ways.

Maybe tomorrow I can give it another go, and figure out what the problem is.

A Woontner


I am having the same issue of flicker of gray between layers (no video involved on mine) I have tried transitions but that doesnt help.  The issue occurs on slide 1.6 of the attached file, specifically between the following layers: Design Professional 1, Design Professional 2 and Design Professional 3, as well as between General Contractor 1 and General Contractor 2. It also occurs in other places in my course (I only attached one scene here. I very much appreciate you looking at it. Alan

Walt Hamilton

It's the transition to each layer that is the problem. Entrance animations start when the object is supposed to appear, then finish later. In the  case of a fade, there is nothing to show until a certain percent of the fade is completed.  If you absolutely must have the transition, you could try taking off the transition, and setting everything on the preceding layer to have an exit animation.

A couple of other observations: It took me several times through to find out that I had to click the color around the Design professional to advance, even though the cursor remained a hand pointer after I hovered over her. 

I think it is dangerous to advance the layers on the basis of a set time. Learners read at different rates, and some will be bored while others don't finish. It is always best to let the learner control the pace. Setting exit animations, and showing the next layer on a learner action may eliminate the gray flash.