backing up, versioning, collaborative authors

Jan 14, 2013


Articulate storyline has been working well for me as the single author from my organization. 

For backing up, currently I copy the story files to a dropbox after a work session. I only version if it was a major change to the storyfile, and usually just duplicate it and forget about it after I get the major change done on the storyfile. 

I was considering switching to using github to manage the storyfiles, but it looks as if I will have some help authoring the content. This seems like it will help produce better content, and faster. However I now am more worried about versioning and people saving edits over each other.

Does anyone have any best practices on this topic?



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Shwetha Bhaskar

Hmm I'd be interested to hear about your experience if you end up switching to Github for Storyline development. In the meanwhile, I thought this was a useful article re: using Dropbox as a collaborative tool that contains some best practices:

Kumar Agarwal

The article you sent hits the issue I am concerned with. I have a feeling something like changing the name while a user is editing it or assigning certain projects to certain people is going to have to be the way to go. 

After longer consideration, I am not liking github with multiple users because it will not be able to merge the binary .story files if two people edited it at the same time.

Thanks for your reply and the nice article.


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