Balloon Pop Game: Hidden oval doesn't turn back to Normal when intersecting with hotspot

Jul 27, 2020

Hi everyone,

I created a Rick and Morty-like balloon pop game with the addition of points and a timer. I'm re-using the same "balloons" over and over as they loop along a motion path.

The intended behavior:

  1. When the user clicks a balloon, it changes its state to Hidden
  2. When the hidden balloon intersects with a hotspot, it changes its state back to Normal

Here's what I can't figure out:

Click to hide works fine, but they don't change back to Normal when they intersect with the hotspot. This behavior only occurs when the state change is to Hidden.

It works as expected when the state change is to Selected or Disabled. This could be a workaround except that I have to make those states invisible and really small so they can't be clicked for more points while invisible.

My question is less about finding a workaround but rather to understand what's happening. It feels like the Hidden state should not behave differently from the other states with the interaction I'm trying to create. What am I missing?


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Pierre Jouan


I had a go at your file and I've done it "my way" (using motion path events instead of collision detection) but I see the same behavior : Hidden state doesn't switches back to Normal, like if object is really hidden to SL!

Maybe tha's a feature of the Hidden state?

Lea S

Thanks for having a look!

Love how your version is so much simpler. For some reason I assumed the motion path had to be an actual loop for it to loop, haha. Seems silly in hindsight.

I've played with your version a little bit. Instead of linking the state change from Hidden to Normal to the motion path completing, I linked it to a button press. This leads to the object re-appearing as intended, but also disrupts the motion path, ie the object jumps back to the start before the motion path is completed. Using the Disabled state for this instead of Hidden works as intended, making the balloon turn back to Normal without disrupting the motion path.

Linking the state change to an exit animation instead of a motion path works as intended, so this is not a general behavior.


It looks like the combination of a state change involving the Hidden state linked to a motion path event or hotspot event produces some unexpected behavior.

Thanks again and I hope this little thread will beuseful to others in the future

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