Bamboozling Error

Aug 23, 2018

Hi all,

Attached is a freeform 'Pick One' question slide.

The user has to select the correct equation symbol. After click rectangle A1 (?), layer '1x' containing the options (+,−,×,÷) is revealed. When options are clicked, the state of A1 changes accordingly to match the answers, and the off-slide 'Correct' rectangle on the base layer changes to Selected with the clicking of '+'. This all functions smoothly in preview and when I open offline.

However, having published this question as part of a larger question bank to my LMS, I noticed that when '+' is selected on 1x, a '+' symbol appears as you'd expect with the state change of A1, but with no background or border.

Furthermore, A1 then becomes unclickable if I publish in Flash - HTML5 has the same formatting issue but remains clickable.

I've pored over the triggers and cannot put my finger on why this is happening, particularly why it's only happening when online.

I'd hoped to test this on SCORM cloud, but for some reason I'm receiving the error"Course import failed, error was: Failed to extract zip file", so I'm wondering if there's a deeper issue with this composition that I'm unable to identify.

I hope the above isn't too convoluted, I'd be extremely grateful of any help.


Thanks in advance guys.

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