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Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help with this one...

I'm creating a simulation, and at one point, the users have to scan a barcode from a wristband. I've added the barcode as an image, and I can get Storyline 2 to read the barcode and enter the data BUT...

It only works if the user clicks into the appropriate text box first, and then clicks enter to accept the entry after it's been added by zapping the barcode image with a reader.

What I would like is for the text entry box to be 'preselected', so the user doesn't have to click in it first, and for the screen to move on as soon as the data entered matches the data it's expecting and they don't need to click enter..  If that makes sense? This would more accurately simulate the process they are using.

Thanks in advance :-)


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Paul Williams

HI, Thanks for that, although after a quick I don't think it will be that simple unfortunately. The screen (attached, but only the one screen), will be part of an assessment. the text entry box shown was created by Storyline during recording and I can't edit the states on it.

The user clicks a screen button, which then opens up the window shown. There's a clear text entry box sat on top of it, and an image of a barcode, which is to represent the patient's wristband. In real life, the window pops up, the nurse just zaps the wristband with a barcode reader, and the window populates with info for the right patient...

So, what I need to do if possible is for Storyline to replicate this as much as possible by allowing the user to just have this screen appear, then zap the barcode image, (to replicate real world), and the screen to move on to the next screen automatically.

If they have to type the number, that's fine, as long as the screen progresses automatically. I'm not worried about scoring this screen either, so if rebuilding this is the easiest way, then I'm ok with that.

Emily Ruby

Hello Paul!

Thanks for sharing the file. When you have a text entry, they user will have to either hit enter after typing, or hit the submit button, or you could have a trigger to jump to the next slide when the control loses focus, meaning they would have to click outside the box. 

If you do not need the user to type the number in, you could always add an animation to a shape to resemble a bar code zap, possibly a red line? and then have a trigger to jump to the next slide once the animation completes. you could also set the slide to advance automatically in the slide properties, but this would happen when the timeline ends.

I am sure others will jump in with additional ideas/