base layer always active

Hi Jall,

Quick question. I have created a process explorer interaction. Imagine a screen divided into horizontal thirds.

Top third - Intro content, always visible (base layer)

Middle third - Linear process flowchart, normal, rollover and selected states on each step, click a step to trigger show layer (base layer)

Bottom third - Layer displays with more info on each step (separate layers for each step)

My problem is this: When I click a step, the base layer becomes inactive, so the learner cannot move freely between learning about steps without me putting another trigger into the layer to close it. What am i missing here?

Please note I have turned off all the slide layer properties for each layer and turned off all the dim non-selected layer checkboxes both in the layers and on the button states.

If anyone can help me that would be awesome

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Josh Uhlig

Very strange.  I'm guessing you found a bug in the system.  I tried recreating similar objects in a new file and thing worked fine.  I then tried to mess around with your file and create a new slide with similar tabs and layers.  I ended up creating something that works fine for tabs 1 through 4, but as soon as you click tab 5, the base layer locks up as in your slide.

I suggest starting with a new file and recreate the same items and see if it works for you.  Perhaps your file is corrupt?

I've attached the orginal file with my added slide in case you want to take a look.