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Oct 08, 2012


I would appreciate your help on this one:

I have 1 slide with 1 base layer and 4 sub layers. All layers have audio. 

I've set all sub layers to "pause timeline of base layer" , thus every time the user returns to the same spot in the base layer.

Is it possible to set it that the timeline restarts upon returning from a sub layer?

I still haven't decided which of the 2 options I prefer but wanted to know if this ability exists.



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Shanee Kraus

Hi Mike,

Actually no, because when it's not set to 'pause timeline of base layer' the audio continues when the user is viewing one of the sub layers.

What I want to happen is: when the user is taken to one of the sub layers, the audio/timeline of base layer stops and when the user returns to the base layer the timeline starts from the beginning (and of course audio as well).


Mike Enders


Sorry, I misread you post.  You are correct, you'd need to have that selected on each layer.   Are you wanting the base layer audio to restart from the beginning each time they return? Or just pick up where it left off (this is what I thought you were asking (and it is the stock behavior)). My bad on the misread!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Question, Phil. To get the base layer to restart, do you have to add those triggers? Or can you just set the base layer properties to reset to initial state?

I just played with it with a test file: paused the timeline of the base layer in each of my 3 layers; set the base layer properties to restart, and it seems to be working. That is, when returning to the base layer from a sublayer, via a trigger that returns me there, the base layer restarts.

Unless I'm not understanding the question.

Phil Mayor

Rebecca, the base layer only resets on revisit as far as I know, which mean you need to leave the slide hence the trigger.  I have just tested with an animation and open close layer and it works as i expect.

I cannot replicate what you are seeing, can you post a file that shows this?

I have never seen this behaviour before and would find it counter intuitive.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Phil,

You're correct. When I said, "Or can you just set the base layer properties to reset to initial state?" I guess I should have finished the sentence "from the Slide Properties dialog box, the When revisiting" section. I'm not leaving the slide. I only have 1 slide with a base layer and 3 sublayers.

I must be misunderstanding the question. That's what I thought Shanee wanted to do.

John U

Rebecca & Phil,

You are both correct.

Let's assume that Shanee (which I believe is correct) wants to select one of four layers and have the base layer timeline pause. When she closes the selected layer, she wants the base layer to restart at the beginning of the base layer timeline.

To accomplish this, set the base layer to reset to initial state when revisiting.

Phil, you are correct that the timeline will not restart if the trigger to close the selected layer is "Hide Layer".

Rebecca, you are correct that the timeline will restart if the trigger to close the selected layer is "Jump To Slide" with the slide being the base layer.

Benjamin Bak

Phil Mayor said:

Sorry ignore that wont work, it wont restart the base layer from the start.  To do this you may need to set the slide to initial state and on the close layer button add a jump to slide, this slide trigger.  This will mess up visited state though

This is exactly my problem! I've figured that jumping to the same slide restarts the timeline, and that's what i want. But at the same time is messes up all my changed states, which is a complete no-go.

Is it possible to restart the base timeline without jumping slides? Or can i jump to slide while keeping the states AND restart timeline at the same time? 

Tough one

Benjamin Bak

I found a solution for my problem.

I made it so the states changes when a variable is true. While the variable keeps being true across slides, I can easily return to the main slide and the states will still be changed.

I just had to make a trigger like this: Change state of (my object) when Timeline starts, if the variabel is equal to true. 

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