Base Layer Disappears

I recently made some changes to the radius on the corners of a rounded rectangle objects that I'm using as triggers for displaying other layers.  I would like the base layer to be visible when another layer is shown and have double checked all the layer settings so that the base layer is set to be shown.  Prior to making the change to the radius settings everything was working fine.  Now any slide that has multiple layers, will no longer show the base layer regardless of the settings I specify on each layer.  Yes, I've checked to make sure I have the (eye open) show layer option checked as well.  Your help is appreciated.  Here is a screen shot of my settings for each layer. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brooke and welcome to Heroes! 

Thanks for sharing your slide layer settings, and if this behavior just started when you updated the shapes on the layers it definitely sounds like odd behavior. You'll want to check the following which could cause odd behavior in Storyline:

If it's only occurring in this one file, I'd also try importing it into a new Storyline file or try recreating the behavior in a new Storyline file.