Base layer flickering/flashing between slide layer transitions

Mar 09, 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with flickering in-between layer transitions.
Each new layer that pops up has a full-screen image that obscures the view of the base layer.
However, the base layer flickers into view on the screen for a split second (maybe a tenth of a second or less) when new layers are shown.

Here's the info:

  • Using Storyline 360 v3.37.21453.0
  • Issue occurs in both a local Storyline preview and a web-based HTML5 Articulate Review output (on multiple browsers).
  • This issue is occurring on multiple computers on multiple networks.
  • Each layer that comes up is set to "Hide other slide layers".
  • Each layer that comes up has the images/objects left-aligned on the timeline. I've selected the objects on the timeline and made sure to select "Align to playhead", so there is no gap, so there should be no delay in showing the content on the new layers. Even if I select the images/objects to "Show always", the flickering of the Base layer still occurs.
  • The images/objects also do NOT have an entrance animation or transition, so again, there should be no delay.
  • The flickering does not always occur on each layer transition every time. For example: Layer 2 and 5 might flicker, then on the next run Layer 3, 5, and 6 might flicker. I'd estimate each layer has a 30% chance that it's going to flicker.
  • The issue only occurs the first time I preview the slide after it is loaded. If I click "replay" after the slide plays through once, the flickering does not occur. However, if I completely exit the course or the preview, and reload the content, the flickering occurs again.

That said, you can demo this issue here:

You may need to play the content a couple times in order to see the flickering. If it doesn't occur the first time, close and relaunch the link.

I'm guessing Storyline is having an issue where it is either:

  • First hiding the other slide layers before the next layer is shown (thus we see the Base layer for a split second).
  • Storyline is having a problem loading the images on the new layers quick enough (but is able to hide other layers instantly...thus we see the Base layer for a split second).

It seems the issue I'm having is similar to the issue found here:
In this link, there appears to have been a workaround from 6 months ago shown in a screen capture by Lauren, where she uses the "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes" setting on the layers. However, this will not work in my situation, because the learner needs to interact with an object on each layer to advance to the next layer.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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