Base Layer Not Showing

Mar 18, 2021

Hey there, 

I have a simple interaction in a Master Template I built and it's suddenly giving me issues. When I select any button triggered to show a layer, it shows the layer hides my base layer. Reviewed my other slides (that I've used without issue and imported to multiple projects in the past) and they seem to be displaying the same issue. I know we have been trying to clean up slides from accessibility perspective, so maybe there's a setting we mistakenly selected somewhere?

In my settings, I do not have "hide objects on base layer" or "hide other slide layers" selected. (This is the main solve mentioned in other postings on this issue). There is no shape under my layer content that could potentially be masking the base layer. I recently updated Storyline to the most recent version. 

Attached a Storyline file with some of the problem slides. Here's a preview of the output: Any idea what's going wrong with these slides? 

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