Base Layer Objects hiding, but visible in preview and publish

Jan 09, 2021

My base layer objects are hiding but visible during the preview and publish.

My goal is to change my base layer objects, but everything I paste there is still hiding when pasted on the base layer.

What did I do that may the objects hide. 

What can I do to fix this?  Thanks in advance

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Reba Matthews

Wow, I checked everything and the state said normal. I attached a video of the issue. 
Sorry, I should have included the video the first time.

I took all the images off this slide to figure out the problem and they all said normal.
I worked on this for hours...Wow. 

I then placed the blue square on and it wasn't visible except during preview. 

Do you think my trial may be corrupt or just end-user (me) error again? 

Embarrassing again!  Thanks again!

The squares on the side were for color formatting.  I wasn't worried about them...Lol!

Reba Matthews

Hello Walt.  Apologies for calling you William in the video attached to my response here and below.

I attached the video because I didn't explain my problem very well.  I hope the video explains it better.  Thanks in advance.  
There is more information in my other response as well.  Just stressing.