Base layer offset when viewing layers (SL3)

Sep 26, 2018

Apologies if this has been asked before! I use layers a lot in our software simulations (recreating drop-down menus, highlighting parts of the screen etc) and I've noticed that when I view the layer, the dimmed base layer isn't in the right place. It moves.

To align something on a layer with something that is on the base layer, I have to paste it into the base layer, move it into position, then cut and paste it into its final layer - because the position of the 'background' isn't true when viewed on the layer, so you can't place anything accurately. 

The attachments show a red box positioned in place on the base layer, then pasted (in EXACTLY the same spot) on the layer called loop. It hasn't moved - the dimmed background has. It's just stupid and annoying :) Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it support ticket time?

(and how's about not being able to use the scroll wheel in the slide preview drop down list?) ;-P


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