Base layer showing when it shouldnt


I have set up a 'Return to contents' button in the slide master. 
In order to highlight the button, once you hover over it, it is set up in the slide master that it will show layer with active + highlighted button. 

The button itself works. However whenever I hover over the button it keeps showing the base layer of that slide. 

I have set it in the properties of both the actual slide and slide master to 'Hide base layer', but it continues to show. 

Attached are screen shots of the issue. 

I have seen another discussion that seems to have the same issue, but there was no real answer other than frustrating work arounds.

Can you please advise how to fix this? 


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Alex,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing those details with us! 

Based on the screenshots shared, I created a sample course to see if I could recreate the problem you are running into. After setting up my Slide Master and changing the slide properties for the layer, I did find that the objects on the Base Layer would continue to show. I will be bringing this to our team for further review and include this thread so we can be sure to provide updates on this issue.

In the meantime, a couple of ideas that I hope will help is to: 

  1. Add a separate scene that contains the Contents Slide. 

  2. Create a button and trigger on the Slide Master that lightboxes the Return to Contents slide

The other idea is to instead: 

  1. Create a trigger that jumps to a content slide when learners click on the image.