Base Layer State for a button does not change

Good Day Everyone,

I need help on the above subject. I have searched most of the threads pertaining to states and why they are no changing, and my project still does not do what I would like it to do.

I have a base layer with two buttons that breach off to 2 layers. I also created 2 variables Clicked and Completed, e.g. btn1Clicked and btn1Cmpltd set to initial value of false. When the user clicks on btn1 it shows layer 1. When the timeline starts I set the variable btn1clicked to true. Since the layer only has one layer/slide, when the user clicks on btnReturn, I set the variable btn1completed to true. and hide the layer.

On the base layer, i have 3 states for each button, i.e. Normal, Clicked and Completed. When the user returns to the base layer, in theory, both the btn1clicked and btn1completed is set to true, there the state of button1 should change to completed, but it does not!

Any help on the above. I am attaching my storyline file for your perusal.


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Earl Thomas

Good Day,

I think I have resolved this issue. When I return to the base layer, I am hiding layer 1, even though I have set up my variables correctly, it does not change the state of the button on the base layer. I then change my trigger to jump to the base layer, as apposed to hiding the layer to return to the base layer, and that seemed to do the trick.

Is there a reason it does this, I am under the impression that when you working with base layers and the their layers, you should just hide and shower the layers and everything should fit into place as normal, but this does not seem to be the case.


Wendy Farmer

HI Kyle

when using layers  the timeline of the slide doesn't restart so you can't use adjust variable when timeline starts if the variables are being adjusted on layers...your solution to jump to slide will work as the 'timeline is restarting'

Another way would be to change the state of the button on the base layer when the user clicks the return button on the layer.

Here is a sample of what I think you are doing without using variables