base layer washed out

I am working with a slide that I'd like to add layers to and I would like the base layer objects visible. When I create my layers I make sure that "hide objects on base layer" is not selected. Yet when I preview and click an object on the base layer to reveal another layer, the base layer objects are faded out and you don't see the state change of the object selected (the one that reveals the layer). It's as if there is a screen in front of the base layer objects.

I cannot figure out what is going on though my guess it is something I am overlooking. I checked the master and can't find anything there either.

Any suggestions?



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Adena Wilson

I don't have a link, but if you go to the download section on Elearning Heroes, in the Storyline folder, it is called Six Tabs Interaction Layouts and is the third from the left. I am working with the Tabs Left (wide) slide.

Following your comment, I looked to see if anything was locked but couldn't see it. But perhaps you are on to the issue?

Thanks again sincerely.