Base slide audio/animation plays over layer audio - how to stop it

Hi - new to Storyline - currently running with the trial version.  In general I like it a lot -but struggling with one thing today.

I have created a base slide with two layers.

On that base slide I have two triggers - that when clicked - take you through to those layers.

My issue is this (and - as a beginner - I suspect it's easy to solve!).

Tha base slide has audio on it - as do both of the layers.  The base slide also has animation.

If I click the triggers to go through to the either of the two layers while the audio/animation is running on the base slide - the base slide audio and animation continue to run - interupting and intruding on the layers.

If I wait until the all the animation and audio completes on the base slide - it all works as it should.

My question is this - when I click on the triggers - is there any way to freez/stop the audio/animation on the base slide?

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If you click on a layer name in the slide layers list area you will see a little cog on the right side.  Click it for layer properties.  There is a checkmark for pause timeline of base layer there.  Do that on each of the layers you add above the base layer.  The animation and sound will continue when you return to the base layer  That is not always a good thing so there are ways around that if you want but this will get you started.


Debbie Fowler

I've done this, but I also have sub layers w/in a layer that I use to pop up different information on the screen. Using the properties tool and having the base layer audio stop doesn't work for the sub layer audio clips. I also can't set a trigger to stop a layer's audio b/c the audio file is not w/in that layer. (I used hot spots to pull up these sub layers). Help?!?!

Mike Enders


Sorry, just getting back to this after being at a conference this week.  

Your challenge is that you're trying to get your LOTO layer to act as a new base layer with the other layers appearing over the top.  There are several approaches you could take but here are two:

1.  You only use the LOTO layer and use a series of triggers to hide/show the text and play/stop the audio.  It would look something like...

When user clicks the first definition hotspot, play media 1, stop media 2 and media 3, change state of text 1 to normal and change state of text 2 and text 3 to hidden.  And then do something similar for the other two hotspots.

2. You could keep your slide layers as they are and then duplicate the background, hotspots, etc. on the LOTO layer and duplicate them on each of the other layers, then set each slide layer to hide other layers.