Basic font question

I've looked at a bunch of forum posts on fonts but haven't come across this specific response yet. Pardon me if it's already been answered a thousand times.

As a Flash developer, I know that I can use any font I choose and it will appear fine in my swf. If I publish to HTML5/Mobile I am assuming that font substitution will result if the user doesn't have certain fonts I've used in my course installed. Can anyone please confirm that?

What have some of you done in order to provide both swf and mobile users with a font-friendly course while not being completely constrained by standard browser fonts sets?

Many thanks.

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Nick Leffler

I haven't used anything specifically, but theoretically you could easily use Google Fonts ( as it only requires a few lines of code that you'd have to tweak after publishing your course.

Might not be the best solution, but it theoretically would work. This is how things work such as Edge Animate, Reflow, Muse, and Dreamweaver (Adobe uses Adobe Web Fonts though, same concept).

If it wouldn't work, might be a great suggestion to Articlute to add theseĀ capabilitiesĀ in the future to put an emphasis on designing for HTML5 over SWF.