Basic Question //drag and drop // variables

Hello Heroes,

starting to learn Storyline i approached my first challenge.

i will explain the situation in a very simple way (hopefully):

I have five coins which should be dropped into an Box.

When there are three coins in the box the answer is correct - more or less will be incorrect.

so its just a simple "what is 5-2?" question with drag and drop...

no idea how to solve this and i didn't find a tutorial...

Any ideas?


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ingo,

Welcome to the community.

I thought I"d upload this story that I created quite some time back for a community member who had some specific requirements:

  • Children should be able to indicate they could count to a certain number by dragging items from one location to another (so, like you, dragging items into a box)
  • Children should be able to change their drag anything into the drop location, and drag it back off if desired

So, in the attached their dragging snowflakes onto a tree to indicate they can count to 3.

It's a drag and drop but is accomplished using a Pick On Slide, with a count variable and some T/F variables to accommodate the need to be able to drag things back and forth. There may be an easier way to do this...and if someone has suggestions, I'm open to them...

Please shout out with any questions.

Also, FYI I just saw in a separate thread that a community member created a drag and drop with coins. It's pretty cool, although it doesn't look like it allows for dragging items back and forth...items drop off the screen and out of view. May meet your needs, though.