Basic Question: How to Reset Answers in Multiple Response Quiz

Apr 29, 2013

Hi.  I'm new to Storyline and can't figure out how to do what I assume is a standard operation. I have a Multiple Response question that I want to configure so that when it isn't answered correctly, clicking the "Continue" button in the "Incorrect Answer" prompt causes the answers to reset to the unchecked state and the student is given another opportunity to select the correct answers.  How do I do this?  (I'm sure it's some basic setting in configuring the "Continue" trigger, but I can't figure it out).

Thank you.


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Íde O'Neill

Hi Rich

I'm posting this for the benefit of any other 'newbie' like me who might be struggling with something similar.

I encountered a similar difficulty but I actually wanted the learner to use the 'Try Again' option while requiring the check boxes to be clear on the re-try.  I used a trigger which allowed a check box 'State' change to 'Normal'  when the user clicks on 'Submit'.  This did the trick!

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