Beat the Baron Game Demo

Mar 20, 2017

AA Gunner Game Demo

I've just produced another demo for my portfolio and thought it may spark some interest. The Articulate Review link is here or you can view it on my website.

I couldn't find a way to retain the relative position of the aiming sight as I moved between slides; I think the solution may be to use layers instead.

I'd also like to receive your thoughts on preventing the sight moving off the screen. Because the sight is moved using keyboard keys there's no obvious way to disable the key; neither the intersect object with a hotspot or triggering an action when an object leaves the screen seems to do the trick - especially if the key is pressed frantically to catch a target before it disappears! (Yes even I missed targets and I knew their trajectory!).

Anyway, I hope you like it and that it sparks some idea for a project of your own.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Sam - cool demo!

I'd love if there were another key press that would fire the ammo - I found it tricky to click my mouse and use the keys to navigate the pointer of where I was shooting. Granted, I'm not a big one for video games - so maybe that's a more natural game way to accomplish it? 

Either way - a fun demo, and one that I suspect folks may want to see the .story file for if you're able to share it! 

Sam Lincoln

Thanks Ashley. I agree that there's an element of cognitive overload (I found my mouse moving off the button as well) but that adds to the challenge.

I did actually have firing triggered by the spacebar but changed to the button when toying with the idea of using onscreen aimer movement buttons so that this could be played on a mobile device .... but I lost patience and left the button!

I've attached the .story file but warn everyone that I used slides as opposed to layers and could have made better use of master slides I think; both of which would reduce repetition.

Andrew Hanley

Hi Sam, thanks for sharing. Nice idea and style.

The controls are tricky, but for me its not because of the mouse/keyboard combo; its because of the keyboard buffer forcing your input to be clunky.

Because its like typing characters, holding your finger down means inputs are "slow, slow, fast, fast,fast,fast,fast..." and then the aimsight keeps moving because the keyboard buffer isnt cleared.

Changing to Mouse only controls would be way better I think. Even if it has to be something mroe rudimentary to start with, having the mouse input will give that way more control and "feel" for the user.

P.S. I actually preferred Version 4 - much more atmosphere created by the sound effects and speech. This didnt seem to be working in the latest build for me.

tested in Firefox 52.0.1 + CHrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) - Windows 10

Good luck! :)

Sam Lincoln

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't think about 'clunky' keyboards as mine works quite smoothly. Having everything on the screen is tricky because just as you would have the sight on the target and moved the mouse to the fire button the target will have moved away.

The other option I tried involved dragging the aimer but this didn't feel right to me.

With regard to the audio, I forgot to make the adjustments to the story folder (i.e. amending the code to enable the audio to play across the slides). If you want to experience the current version with sound go to the link for my website.

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