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david mckisick

I think his question is 1.) Is there a certification program for Storyline development, similar to something like ASD or ISD certification programs for classroom instructors? 2.) How can he get in touch with the certification programs coordinator? Didn't seem like he was asking where he could apply for a job as a trainer?

I would certainly be interested to know this as well. I believe you can get certified in Adobe Captivate WBT development? If this is so, why is there no certification for Storyline WBT development?

Michael Hinze

@David: FYI, Adobe seems to have abandoned their Captivate certification. The last one was released a few years ago for CP5.5 (the current Captivate version is 8), see some info here: http://training.adobe.com/certification/exams.html#p=1&product=adobe-captivate . I did take that exam just for the heck of it, but no client has ever asked me for it :-). I think having a varied portfolio that shows proficiency, be it with Captivate, Storyline or some other tool, beats any piece of paper.

david mckisick

Thanks for the info Michael, and I agree. I have never seen the need for any type of certification for WBT development in job postings or otherwise.

Alexander. I think you are talking about contracting. Yes, this is certainly doable. For contracting I believe you need a license though. Check with your local and state govt. for details on that. For Federal contracting there are varied requirements.

Alexander Salas

@David, @Michael I'm pretty much wanting to become an independent training vendor of StoryLine (like Yukon Learning); I don't think I have to be a contractor for that.  I will however, have to report income to the IRS.  I was just curious to know if this was something that needed to be approved by Articulate. I know some folks in LinkedIn who are offering training overseas.

Veronica Budnikas

I am also interested in this, and a further question is how did Yukon Learning and other organisations become "Articulate Certified Training Partners"? There seem to be Certified Training Partners in the US, Canada and 9 other countries.


Katharina Schmidt


your link "connect with us here" connects me to the "Articulate Certified Training Partner" contact, which is exactly what I do NOT want (having the exact same questions as the other contributors in this thread) as I do not want to work FOR them.

How do I contact someone official from Articulate in this matter? (And NOT your retail partners who are NOT part of Articulate themselves?)

Is it still valid that "We're big fans of customers training other customers--no certification or approval needed. Good luck with this endeavor!", so I could offer workshops or an online-training on storyline?

Thank you very much.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Katharina, 

Yes, that is definitely still valid in terms of your ability to train other customers - but our only official endorsed training partners are the ones listed on that link above. If you do use that "contact us" page that goes directly to our Success team who can answer questions about getting started with Articulate products, training, etc.